Nobody Gives a F About Yahoo!

The Wall Street Journal broke the news yesterday that Carol Bartz, former CEO of Autodesk, Inc., would be replacing Jerry Yang as CEO of Yahoo! I thought this was some great news and decided to share it with my fellow Internet marketers on Sphinn – Update: (Sphinn Post Removed)

Turns out nobody really gives a fuck about Yahoo!.

Within 2 and half hours I was still the only one who had sphunn the article:


So, I let it sit over night and FINALLY only 1 other person at Sphinn thought this news was note worthy:


Thanks mrbluuez!

What appears to be hot right now is Social Media and Twitter. The two articles submitted just before and just after the news of Yahoo’s new CEO received 21 more votes making social media and twitter 1050% more important than Yahoo! (Can somewhat agree there).

So, does no one really give a fuck that Yahoo! has a new CEO? Is Yahoo really that worthless of a company now?

Sometimes the truth hurts – sorry Yahoo!