DIY Thesis Theme for WordPress (Review)

Thesis Theme for WordPress Review

Honestly, the Thesis Theme for WordPress has been the easiest “theme” thus far that I have used on my blog.

I use theme in quotes above because Thesis goes above and beyond any other theme I have seen for WordPress. The functionality that has been built into the back-end to customize not only the look & feel but the functionality is astounding.

A little background
I had been reading and polling the peanut gallery on Twitter about the Thesis Theme for nearly two months before I actually pulled the trigger and bought a copy for my blog. Previously to buying the Thesis Theme, I had never spent money on the design of my blog. I was the kinda guy who would just grab a readily available free theme and off I went customizing, coding, adding plug-ins and grinding to get it to where I was happy.

All the time and effort I put into these free themes did not seem a waste of time until now because the Thesis Theme comes ripped, roaring and ready to go.

About Thesis Theme Features
Thesis comes pre-built with a ton (thats the scientific term) of options for the design of your site. That’s why very few people who have the Thesis Theme have identical looking sites. Thesis makes it simple to change color schemes, column layouts, featured headlines and much more. Just take a look at the design options:

Custom Thesis Theme Options

The brilliant part is that they have not nailed you down with a finite set of options you still have full customization control of the design using hooks and filters. With over 50 hooks and 20 filters you can arrange, rearrange and create a custom Thesis Theme for your site by adding your own touches of code from head to footer on the site.

Beyond design and customization Thesis is built for SEO. This was one of the primary goals of Thesis, cut the fat and generate clean code that the search engines will easily digest and pass the value on to your site. Also, built in are some features that follow SEO best practices and have allowed me to reduce the number of plug-ins that I need running on my site. Here is a look at some of the options Thesis offers you:

Thesis Theme SEO

There is something else that Thesis totes over any other theme for WordPress and that is a full support community. With over 100,000 posts in the support forum and over 20,000 users you are sure to either find or get your questions about Thesis answered. I have been in the forum and these guys know there stuff, worth the $87 for the support forum alone!

In Closing
I am now a complete and total Thesis Theme fanboy. If you are considering changing your theme for your WordPress installation seriously consider the Thesis Theme for WordPress it far exceeded my expectations and I am positive it will meet and exceed yours.

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