Keep Sphinn Clean – Report Spam

So, I came across Sphinn about a month ago and I finally became a member today after finding a lot of great & useful articles being Sphunn!. I have been in the industry for over two years and find I am still learning everyday which is why Sphinn is great. So, I want to press the importantance helping to keep Sphinn clean of spam.

Just this morning I found two types of different spam in the Sphinn What’s New area:

1. Completely unrelated posts – These posts are just absolutely rediculous. What are they trying to pull over on us? As an industry we are running linkage on the Internet and to have a completely unrelated post on an industry site takes some guts. Take the time to report these as spam. Examples:

2. Shameless Industry Self Promotions – I could not believe this when I saw it. Sphinn is supposed to be a place where we as an industry come to find news not industry spam promoting how much money you can make doing this or that. Or far worse, an SEO company posting just to drive links their own site! They should not only be marked as spam but should recieve the shaming of being Desphunn. Unfortunitely I do not have the powers of Desphunning yet because my account is brand new but do me that favor this time. Examples:

Thank you for your help in keeping Sphinn clean of spam with a click of a button.

PS. Pardon the appearance of the blog – still a work in progress