Thought Regarding My Foot in Your Ass

Warning! Flying off handle in progress…

Spammers are relentless, this is a known fact. They take no prisoners and are the scum of the earth.

In there latest attempts I continue to get emails titled “Thought Regarding Your Website”. The last “thought” I received was from a spammer pseudo-named Brett Babb using the email address of Come on guy, if you are going to spam at least choose a more professional email address…

Then the message is a complete brain deuce of drivel – “Do you wish you could increase your online leads? We have helped a lot of businesses thrive in this market and we can help you! Simply hit reply and I’ll share with you the cost and the benefits.”

I could continue down the path that I normally take with these posts and [ever so gently] insert my foot in your ass for being a lowly, P.O.S. spammer. However, I would like to ask…

Are business owners actually converting based on these emails?

I know it is some shocking number of times that these emails actually work and I would like to pass the buck of blame on to the organizations that are supposed to be looking out for the best interests of business owners.

I mean if AmEx Open Forum wanted to do something responsible for the business community, how about ONE post about these spam emails warning business owners of their true intentions. That would send some pretty big waves throughout the web that business owners could not miss and start to bring about the end of these stupid, stupid emails.

How would it end them you ask? Well, I am glad you asked!

Well once business owners are privy to these morons behind the emails they will stop inquiring and being doped into about their services. BAM! Done!

So, as much as I am calling out Open Forum, this does not solely rest on their shoulders and nor should it. But, if they were to start some sort of spam awareness initiative targeted directly at business owners that would be AWESOME. Once the business owners are educated, the spammers will stop making money then we can go about our lives spam [not in the can] free.

Thoughts below. Thanks!

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