Comment Spammers are Desperate & getting Bitchy

by Matthew Diehl on March 29, 2011

This may not be new to you but it was a new one to me.

I was just going through the spam filter on my blog when I came across a comment that started to get me a little angry. It was insulting and I think it would get a rouse out of just about anyone. However, I think this comment was counting on exactly that emotional decision to help and get the comment approved on my site.

The Comment

Comment Spammers Relying on Insults

Wow! I mean just WOW!

Someone seriously had it out to berate, insult and just be downright mean in that comment. So, you can see why I was getting a little worked up over it. Some serious Bitchassness going on in that comment

The Author

Comment Author is a Spammer

Triple WOW. This comment wasn’t from a human who was hatin’ on me it was clearly from a spammer. All I had to do is check out the name and URL, no rocket science necessary.

Comment Spammers New Tactic

Like everyone who runs a blog you get about a dozen or more of the spam comments praising your glorious site to the high heavens for its complete awesomeness.

Now, it looks like the spammers are taking to a new tactic. Instead of playing nicely and trying to feed your ego, they are getting a little toothy, trying to take a bite out of you, and get there comments approved out of sheer emotional reaction to negativity.

In all honesty, the comment text had me. I was ready to approve that comment and defend my site and writing to the death. And, as I said before, this is exactly what they are counting on. Luckily, Mama didn’t raise no fool and I was able to see through the BS to get to the bottom of the actual comment origins.

Just a Heads-Up

So, in closing, just as a heads-up be on the lookout for this style of comment spam. Don’t get caught up in the emotions of the comment and make sure you take a look at the who’s posting it.

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