Comment Spammers are Desperate & getting Bitchy

This may not be new to you but it was a new one to me.

I was just going through the spam filter on my blog when I came across a comment that started to get me a little angry. It was insulting and I think it would get a rouse out of just about anyone. However, I think this comment was counting on exactly that emotional decision to help and get the comment approved on my site.

The Comment

Comment Spammers Relying on Insults

Wow! I mean just WOW!

Someone seriously had it out to berate, insult and just be downright mean in that comment. So, you can see why I was getting a little worked up over it. Some serious Bitchassness going on in that comment

The Author

Comment Author is a Spammer

Triple WOW. This comment wasn’t from a human who was hatin’ on me it was clearly from a spammer. All I had to do is check out the name and URL, no rocket science necessary.

Comment Spammers New Tactic

Like everyone who runs a blog you get about a dozen or more of the spam comments praising your glorious site to the high heavens for its complete awesomeness.

Now, it looks like the spammers are taking to a new tactic. Instead of playing nicely and trying to feed your ego, they are getting a little toothy, trying to take a bite out of you, and get there comments approved out of sheer emotional reaction to negativity.

In all honesty, the comment text had me. I was ready to approve that comment and defend my site and writing to the death. And, as I said before, this is exactly what they are counting on. Luckily, Mama didn’t raise no fool and I was able to see through the BS to get to the bottom of the actual comment origins.

Just a Heads-Up

So, in closing, just as a heads-up be on the lookout for this style of comment spam. Don’t get caught up in the emotions of the comment and make sure you take a look at the who’s posting it.


  1. LinkMasters4All

    This is just due to the ease with which you can get quality links, blog comments are becoming very popular with the spammers. They don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute. such a practice should be discouraged.

  2. Karen @ Pledging for Change

    Mathew I have had comments just like that and if you are not wise to them they can be quite upsetting. That’s what they expect as you say… they want a response and thatmeans the comment usually gets published too.

    On the flip side are the comments that are nothing to do with the post in any way and just generalize and tell you your site is fab they will tell all their friends and so on ….

    I say DO NOT FLATTER YOURSELF AND SEND THEM TO TRASH ASAP. … they are spam and care NOTHING for your site in any way 🙂

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