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Social Media Spammers Target Freelancers

I am a member of a freelance SEO site where dozens of projects are posted on a daily basis that allows SEO experts to bid on the projects. Most the projects are for link building (of course) but there are also some good projects that help you keep all your skills sharp.

So, I scroll through the projects that were posted overnight every morning and two stood out from the rest for me this morning – not in a good way either.





There it is, blatant and in plain text, projects for social media spammers. This really is quite a shame that the site owners allow these projects to go live but I am sure it is because of money

Not only do the requests ask you to do the work but the Twitter spam request tells lets you know the secret of not getting busted. The one wants proof that you have the “skills” to spam the site properly (rediculous!).

On top of that, both are pricing your spamming skills on a range of $30 – $250 for the project.

So, as a user of the freelance site is it my place to speak out against these projects? or is it the responsibility of the site owners?

Boycotting the site would be another option but I think I alone will not change the mind of anyone. Plus, the real projects that are posted make me money… ethical dilemmas how I hate you!

Ignore and move on I guess is the best strategy… unfortunately.