Using H# Tags for SEO – Code Review Tip

Lately I have been contracted to code review a variety of sites. In the code review process you look at the underlying code of a site and offer up a number of suggestions to the client on how they could improve the code of their site. The code review is supposed to help the client achieve better crawlability from the spiders, “clean up” the code, increase usability (to some extent) and increase the usage of favorable tags.

One of the more favorable tags for improving on-site search engine optimization features are the H tags. The H (or header) tags are a serious of numbered tags in this fashion: <H1>, <H2>, <H3>…

The H1 tag is used to wrap the main heading of a page, H2 for the sub-heading(s), H3 for even deeper headings on the page and so on. The H tags should be used in a number ordered fashion showing the structure of the page.

This is just a little tidbit of information for those who are coding out and designing sites. Use it, don’t use it but when I take a look at the code of a site it is something that I am looking for.