So Long 2010 and Thanks for All the Fish

If you were working within the search engine marketing industry in 2010 and you found it to be a boring year, then you were clearly living under a rock.

Changes in the search landscape were abundant. It seemed as though every week news was breaking here, there and everywhere. It was a dizzying whirlwind of changes and information that all I have to say is THANK GOD for Twitter. If it wasn’t for the incredible people that I follow on Twitter, who on a daily basis share their understanding of search, 2010 would probably been a mess. As a tool for monitoring the search industry Twitter has paid off big time in 2010 and if you have yet to setup your outpost get on that asap.

This could quickly become a lengthy recap of the changes in search that happened in 2010 but lets just bullet out some of the big ones (because you are busy folks):

  1. Bing/Yahoo Search Alliance
  2. Google Instant & Instant Preview
  3. Google Caffeine Architecture Upgrades
  4. Real-time Search for both Bing & Google
  5. Blekko Launched
  6. Google One Algorithm for Local
  7. Mayday Update
  8. Big Brand SERPs

I think that is a fairly good list of the big changes that we saw in 2010. It is up to you take what ever time you need to reflect on those “oh yeah” items.

What I want to reflect on as the year closes are the people like YOU who have made 2010 an awesome year for me. I have received kind words from a great number of people within the industry, my little blog is starting to grow up (+200% in visit y-o-y) and the conversations on Skype & Twitter that I have had this year have been enlightening and just great.

So, here to you for making 2010 an awesome year! And, I can’t wait for 2011 bring our way!

In closing…

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