Rearrange Your Keyphrase Strategy for New Perspectives

Month after month you look to your keyphrase strategy document for guidance on where to focus SEO efforts. High volume, high competition keyphrases require different tactics from low volume, low competition keyphrases. However, consistently looking at your keyphrase strategy as high vs. low could augment your view of the success of the keyphrase strategy as a whole by hiding gapping holes in the strategy.

The best way to illustrate this is with an example. Lets say you are working on a site targeting “ebook reader” related keyphrases and here is the view of how your site is performing in a standard high to low ordering of your keyphrases:

Not bad! You have been putting in some work and have a number of great 1st page placements but as with all SEO there is always room for improvement.

But where should you concentrate next?

The high to low view of your keyphrase strategy may be masking a hidden opportunity for a grouping of related keyphrases that could easily be your next ‘duh’ initiative you undertake. So, lets take a look at the same keyphrases above but rearranged to provide a new perspective on the list.

With this view you can clearly see related keyphrases within topical groupings that you have either missed or done really well in. In this example, the place where you should move on to next are “review” related keyphrases as that seems to be the topical area that you have no positions in.

I have found that the topical view of the keyphrase strategy has been very useful. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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