Greasemonkey Script to Add Blekko SEO Stats to Search Results

Blekko is the latest search engine to hit the market and they are doing a few things right. The big one is openly sharing a lot of the data points that the Blekko search ranking algorithm is using to determine positioning.

SEOs, so far, absolutely love this about Blekko (me included).

The only thing that I have found challenging is that Blekko serves up 20 results and to compare the data points for the results requires opening up 20 additional browser tabs. Who wants to try and analyze data like that?

So, I set out to create my first Greasemonkey script. The goal of the script was to take the SEO data points for each of the search results at the seo slash tag (/seo) and integrate them into the search results below the corresponding result.

Here is what it looks like after you install the script:
Blekko SEO Stats Script Screenshot

What I am looking for is some brave folks to take a crack at version 1.0.0 and give me some feedback. You can get the script here: Blekko SEO Stats in Search Results


  1. Tad Chef

    Cool idea, but can I have it with Helvetica/Arial instead of Times?

  2. Avi Singh

    I just want to ask you what is the use of installing this script?
    and does blekko place search result according to hostrank?
    Also, It slows down the page loading speed. 🙁

    • matthewdiehl


      Thanks for leaving your questions.

      The use – originally was to scratch my own itch to see if there was any easy correlation of the Blekko SEO stats and the ranking positions. As well as to easily pull & display the data for 20 results on the page rather than manually going to the SEO pages for each of the results.

      Hostrank – the Hostrank value that Blekko has created may be similar to other “rank” metrics out there like PageRank or MozRank. It is an overall evaluation number that they use to place a quantifiable value to a given site. As far as I can tell it is not the sole value that Blekko leans on to consider placement within the ranking results. If you install the Blekko SEO Stats Script I have created you can quickly tell that the rankings are not in order of Hostrank value. Blekko has given use access to the data that they use in calculating the ranking positions but like every other search engine the computation they use to figure out the placements is a trade secret.

      Speed – I know it is kinda slow. I have tried to make some optimizations to make it load as quickly as possible however everything from Blekko is transferred before the script even fires. The script utilizes page elements set by Blekko to retrieve the corresponding data. Greasemonkey scripts are also easy to disable and enable. In Firefox it can be done in the control panel that can be opened by right-clicking on the monkey icon in the bottom right of the browser and in Chrome by visiting the Extensions page.

      Thank you again for your feedback it is valuable. I have been working on porting this script to Google & Bing so keep your eyes peeled for that update.


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