Google & Bing Updates Focus on Individual Page Authority

As many people have begun to notice both Google and Bing have made some search algorithm changes that they are now begin to implement globally to their data centers in July 2009.

Now, I can only base my view of these updates on what I am able to interpret from my reports but I have noticed similar changes in Google & Bing based on the updates. So, I am going to call this the Individual Page Authority (IPA) update.

What do I mean by Individual Page Authority (IPA)?

One element in how the search engines rank sites in their index is based on inbound links from other websites to your website. As you accumulate quality inbound links overtime to your website the result is “authority” within your neighborhood. Now, authority is not only assigned to the site as a whole but also to the individual pages of your website that have direct inbound links resulting in Individual Page Authority.

These updates seems to have put a little bit of a squeeze on the “trickle down effect” of link building. This is where you have built links to the homepage of your website and anticipate the homepage to trickle value to your internal pages based on your internal linking structure.

What to do different because of the updates.

Improve your IPA by developing more links to the indivudual pages of your website not just your homepage. You can do this by:

  1. Spend time on making all your pages “linkable” by writing great content
  2. Finding niche websites that would want to link to your individual pages
  3. Refocus inbound homepage links to more relevant pages of your website

If anyone has anything else to add to this feel free to do so in the comments below.