Google Analytics Error in IE and FF but NOT Chrome

UPDATE! This appears to an account issue and not a browser issue. [wah wah wahhh… sorry conspiracy buffs] Found this thread in the GA Help, it is a bit old but allows you to manually submit your account to be fixed – Google Analytics Account Error Manual Fix

It looks like Google Analytics is broken for both IE (Internet Explorer) and FF (Firefox) BUT NOT for Google Chrome. Try it yourself, and below are screenshots of the error in IE and FF.

Caution: Conspiracy Theory
Is this a Google attempt to push a little bit more Chrome usage? If they intentionally block IE & FF from accessing the Google Analytics site and cite a compatibility issue they could send the millions of users of the free analytics software into the arms of Chrome bolstering adoption of the browser and capturing additional market share. This would be beyond devious! Also, illegal, right?

Here are the error messages in IE & FF:

Google Analytics Error in IE

Google Analytics Error in Firefox


  1. WebDepend - website testing

    I’m getting the error in Google Chrome as well unfortunately. I’m based in the UK and Google Analytics has been displaying the error since 8am this morning, regardless of browser – over 6 hours so far.

  2. matthewdiehl

    @Webdepend – Thanks for the info from the UK! Have been doing some additional testing and it appears to be an issue with some accounts and not others. For some reason my personal GA account is okay but my agency account is a no go.

  3. Sean Thompson

    I have the problem in all browsers for one Analytics account, and in none for another.

  4. matthewdiehl

    @Sean – Yeah, definitely an account issue. You may want to check out this GA Help thread – – it has a link to a form that allows Google to manually fix this error (hopefully).

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