First Page Yahoo Ranking for Google Notebook Spam

by Matthew Diehl on June 14, 2008

When I read the Everfluxx posting on Google Notebook Spam (Sphinn Post – Everfluxx Blog) it reminded me of something I stumbled across months ago in the Yahoo! index. So, I decided to revisit the situation and see if Yahoo! was still ranking a Google Notebook spam page on the first page of it’s search results for the keyword phrase “arizona golf vacations”. Low and behold – it is still there and ranked at #6! Check it out:

If you visit the Notebook page you can click on the user name and see the extensive list of spam Notebook pages created. They are all single notebook pages with links to parked domains with landing page advertising.

Shame on Google for not picking up on this. Especially considering the account has been spamming since October 2007.

Double Shame on Yahoo! for even allowing this page to be included in their index.

Triple Shame on Yahoo! for even allowing it to rank 6th.

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Doug July 29, 2008 at 5:35 pm


I found one that had a virus in it. There needs to be a way to report these Google Notebook pages.

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