Exact Match Domains will Continue to Dominate Google

At PubCon 2010, Matt Cutts called out exact match domains as an area that Google will be looking into. Specifically looking into why exact match domain names perform exceedingly well within the algorithm.

With this one statement the hearts of thousands of Internet marketers and thousands of domainers sunk, potentially caused a few to flatline. Why? Because, exact match domains are the pillar to the success of domainers and a cornerstone of success for A LOT of people who use them to make significant amounts of money online.

But, have no fear, exact match domains will continue to dominate Google and here is why.

Google owns exact match domains, the example being And just how well does do for a search on “boutiques“…

Google Boutiques Exact Match Search

#1 on the exact match. Not bad, right?

So, this leads one to reason this out… hmmm….

If Google owns exact match domains that they are leveraging to MAKE MONEY, why would they alter their own algorithm to devalue exact match domains?

A smart person would say “They wouldn’t” and I agree.

Just because Google is looking into a slice of the algorithm doesn’t mean they will begin devaluating large groups of sites across the board (unless you are an asshole intentionally pissing off customers). Exact matching domains will continued to be treated as they currently are, with high value.

So, continue developing those gem domain names that exactly match popular searches and go make some bucks.

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  1. Jayesh Pau

    agreed.. same things is coming on “cheap books” and “hotels” terms if you look on
    so i think still domain name’ll be consider to put little bit more weight on domain age.


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