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3 Rank Reporting Softwares Reviewed

I know, I know… rank reporting is completely going down the tubes with the advent of personalized search and Previous Query Refinement looming but I can’t help but give my clients what they ask for.

Currently, I am using WebPostion to monitor client rankings in the major search engines and when it went down for a couple weeks it gave me a great opportunity to review other rank reporting softwares available.

Accurate Monitor for Search Engines by CleverStat ($99 – website)

It does not get any more straight forward and to the point than this software. Within 5 steps you can have your project up and running. It is as easy as starting a new project, entering your domain, adding keyword, selecting engines and clicking run.

As for preferences, you can change the search depth and Human Activity Emulation (HAE). The HAE is scaled from None to High with High being the slowest possible searching. I set it to “Average” and it ran a keyword phrase every 25 seconds. The software also allows proxy settings, Google & Yahoo API and minimal report branding.

The reporting for the most part is built right into the application and only allows for a couple of the reports to be exported to PDF. They aren’t the prettiest reports by anyone’s standards but the data is what the data is, no matter how it is styled.

If I were to recommend this software to anyone it would be to a small business owner looking for a cheap and simplistic approach to monitoring search engine rankings.



Web Ranking by Apex Pacific ($149.95 Standard Ed. or $259.95 Pro Ed. – website)

Web Ranking has a lot more bells and whistles to offer than Accurate Monitor. With a built in Keyword Builder and Website Optimizer tools it would be a great help to newbee SEO pros and business owners looking to get a little more out of their rank reporting software.

The UI take a couple seconds to wrap your mind around but after that it is quite intuitive.

When setting up your reports you get all your options thrown at you up-front including adding competitor websites and scheduling report runs, as well as automated emails (in the Pro edition). Of course there is always a spot for a Google API code.

Screenshot 1:

The reports are slightly improved on in Web Ranking – if you like orange you are in business! They allow multiple export types including HTML, Excel and Text. The report also allows for easy saving and printing.

Screenshot 2


Advanced Web Ranking by Caphyon ($99 Standard, $199 Pro, $399 Enterprise – website)

This would probably be the one I would spend my money on for the only fact that it allows you to import your WebPosition data which would have been a saving grace if WebPosition never came back up.

The UI is jam packed with little gadgets and gizmos that make most tech guys giddy but could be overwhelming for those looking for the simplicity of Accurate Monitor. You are provided dashboard access to FTP, email contacts, submitter, scheduling and reporting. Again after a little time being slightly overwhelmed most people will come to terms with the design and find it quite easy to navigate.

Reporting is also a bit more robust in this software giving you a larger variety to choose from, however, the reports come out the other side completely bland of any major styling. Some may like this for the fact they can apply their own style to the HTML reports while others will find their lack of CSS knowledge leaves them wanting more.

I would recommend this tool for SEO professionals only and recommend the Enterprise edition for sheer functionality.


Luckily, I did not need to make a switch as WebPosition was back up after a couple weeks of communication issues with Yahoo! but now I am more versed on the different tools available as replacements.

If you have any tools you would recommend, I would like to write a review. Leave a comment and I will check it out.