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There is NO Such Thing as Free SEO


I swear, if hear or see one more person from the SEO industry use the words “free” and “SEO” in this format – “SEO is Free” – I am going to lose it (Actually, I think I am losing it right now).

Lets get this straight: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE SEO!

Can I make it any more clear?

SEO is not free and never will be free. There are these two things called time and money that make it not free. These are the costs of SEO for every single website whether you hire an SEO consultant or if you are going diy.

The phrase “SEO is Free” just makes you sound like an asshat. This is what gets our industry in trouble. This is why Danny Sullivan has to defend SEO against morons who call us spammers, evildoers and opportunitsts.

So this is me saying – Knock it off already. Don’t make me pull this blog over, come back there and seperate you from the idea that saying “SEO is Free” is acceptable.


Also, don’t give me this bullshit about what you actually mean is that SEO is free in that fact that you can get better ROI over the long run. Then just say that and don’t say SEO is Free!

The value of SEO as a high ROI online marketing method has been proven again and again. Companies would not be buying it if it was not delivering them value. We do not ever need to pitch an organization for SEO saying that it is Free. We are so beyond this and it is time to wipe it from our vernacular.

In closing, just stop. Seriously, stop.