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Insurance for Your Search Engine Rankings

Early yesterday morning Brett Tabke (@btabke) dropped a quick tweet on Twitter about starting a new SEO biz model that would offer insurance for your rankings – The Tweet.


Here is the conversation that ensued:
@rogerdooley: @btabke I think applying for a direct federal bailout for lost rankings would be better…

@btabke: @rogerdooley, it is actually an intriguing biz idea. The major problem being mitigating the risk. There are no SEO hedge funds

@graywolf: @btabke so instead off (of) “accidental” fires we’d half (have) self paid link narc reports?

@btabke: But @graywolf, if you stayed in the fortune 250 range, I think you could mitigate risk. matt can only have so many fat finger days

@graywolf: @btabke heh true just have to worry about the occasional BMW cloaking faux pas

@btabke: @graywolf Ya, there would be “sub-prime” factors to worry about. But even then, BMW made a comeback, so no long term payout there.

@enzenhofer: @btabke as seo has value and links are the currency there is defenity a market for advanced SEO products – and we will call it “Madoff SEO”

@btabke: @enzenhofer lol No, we call it “affiliate marketing”

Brett mentions that he would concider staying in the Future 250 range of clients for offering insurance but are these really the clients that would need this protection?

I think that the “security blanket” of ranking insurance would really be a product/service that would benefit small and medium businesses because traffic from the search engines can make or break their business and they would want to protect that. But… would they be able to afford such a plan?

What do you think about offering insurance for rankings? (Please specify if you are a SEO consumer or SEO provider – Thanks!)