Search Marketing Industry Poll – Peer Experience in Years

This is a quick poll to gauge how the Search and Internet Marketing Industries have faired in remaining competitive in growth compared to other industries.

The main question being: Have we as an industry been able to continually attract new talent to the field in recent years or is the industry run by a large group of “veteran” marketers?

How long have you been in the Search/Internet Marketing Industry?

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For those taking the poll early in it’s listing please check back on the results later. Once more votes have been accumulated this should give a more insightful look at the demographic spread of “experience” based on years of service. We all know experience can not only be judged on years but this is one metric that has some-what heavy importance.

Note: Data from poll results is the explicit property of Matthew S. Diehl. Any use or reproduction of data without written consent is strictly forbidden. Please contact Matthew at matt@matthewsdiehl.com for permission.