Become an Enthusiast.

Bare with me through the intro
If you missed it, the History channel had a show called “Top Shot” that recently concluded. The show itself was a competition between some of Americas best marksmen, and women, for a $100,000 prize.

The early on favorite to win was a competitor named J.J. Racaza, even the other competitors would speak of him with reverence because of what he has already accomplished in the shooting community. J.J. is not only a world record holder, he is also a double speed shooting grandmaster (champion). He has achieved these accolades by focusing his training on pistol shooting.

J.J. did not become Top Shot. What happened?

J.J. made it to the show finale where he not only missed a crucial final rifle shot but missed two pistol shots, that were within his expertise to make. In his parting segment he said:

“I came into this challenge as pretty much a one dimensional guy, speed shooting and combat shooting, and I am walking away as an enthusiast. It expanded my horizons and that is a good feeling.”

Become an Enthusiast

Even though J.J. did not win the competition he is leaving the experience with something that could serve him better in life than $100,000 and that is a new found enthusiasm for shooting as a whole.

J.J. Became an Enthusiast.

Doing What it Takes to Become an Enthusiast

Being an enthusiast isn’t limited to the hobbies that we are involved with in our “spare time” but it can also be applied to what we do for a living.

For me that is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and specifically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If we take SEM as a subset of the entire Internet Marketing industry, or even, the whole Marketing Industry, I am pretty much a “one dimensional guy”. I spend my time honing my specialized skills in SEO but what if things were to change.

Take today’s post on The Fire Horse Trail by Barry Adams, “The Death of SEO“, Barry drives home the point that the Internet changes and evolves to meet the needs of the consumer. That next change, that is currently happening, is away from search and into an app-based Internet where content and products are consumed through proprietary applications that are closed off from search engines.

If this is the direction we are heading in, how are my SEO skills go to serve me in a Google-less market? I don’t think very much.

It is time to Become an Enthusiast.

Nothing is for certain but it most certainly cannot hurt to start spending time learning the other facets of the Internet Marketing industry. I am talking about expanding my horizons to learn more about things like Social, Email, Display, Affiliate, Copywriting, Conversion Optimization, Human Behavior and others areas. By continuing to develop my own sites I will not only keep programming skills sharp but will also have playgrounds to test out my new enthusiast learnings.

If there is going to be an end to search these are all areas where a holistic understanding of Internet marketing could come in handy to allow me to bring home the bacon to feed the wife, kids (when they come) and the dog.

Hopefully, as an SEO, I will never need these enthusiast skills as a fall back plan but the learning process should be rewarding.


This post is a little different from the ones I have historical done on my blog. Did you like it, would like more like this? Or, should I stick with the regular SEO techniques and news items? Thanks for reading!

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