4 Reasons Why a Single Sitemap is a Bad Idea

June 30, 2010

On June 29, 2010 Google announced that you can now submit one sitemap.xml file with many content types. This means that you no longer need separate xml files for video, images, URLs, etc. The overarching idea was to help simplify the sitemap submission process for webmasters so they didn’t have juggle multiple files but Google […]

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DIY Thesis Theme for WordPress (Review)

June 29, 2010

Honestly, the Thesis Theme for WordPress has been the easiest “theme” thus far that I have used on my blog. I use theme in quotes above because Thesis goes above and beyond any other theme I have seen for WordPress. The functionality that has been built into the back-end to customize not only the look […]

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5 Reasons You Should Require the Rel Canonical Link Tag on Your Site

June 15, 2010

I have seen first hand the benefits of how well the rel canonical link tag works at cleaning up on-domain and cross-domain issues with the indexation of duplicate content in the search engines. Just see my post about how it helped save one of my clients – Update on Rel Canonical Link Tag Element. The […]

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More on (Moron) SEOs Spamming SEOs

June 14, 2010

I have been waiting to be in the right mood to write this post and I have achieved it through musical inspiration via the Blip.fm Rammstein Channel! If you haven’t already read my “open letter” post to a fictitious SEO spammer named Jim Guthrie operating as an agent for National Positions, please do so then […]

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No More Hidden Text in Images

May 10, 2010

The next SEO myth: Search Engines Can’t Read Text Embedded in Images A common SEO recommendation that many professionals make is to convert important text that is embedded in images to actual text living in the source code of the page. The reason behind this recommendation is because the search engines cannot read text that […]

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Rel Canonical Link Tag Element Update

May 6, 2010

I recently came across a major canonicalization issue with a client. There website was quickly losing rankings in both Google and Bing and it was being directly cannibalized by a temp site URL that was setup during their site development that was never taken down. This temp URL was causing major havoc not only in […]

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Dear Jim Guthrie

May 4, 2010

Dear Jim Guthrie, Thank you for your contact form spam but, honestly, are you some kind of complete idiot? This is a blog about search engine marketing and mostly SEO. So, if I really wanted it to rank I would have look no further than myself for help with the website.

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What does “noydir,noodp” mean?

March 4, 2010

Anonymous asks: What does “noydir,noodp” mean? The noydir and noodp are Meta Robots commands that instruct search engine bots on how to handle the usage of data for your site in the Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory Project/DMOZ Directory.

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Google’s New SERP UI Fail

February 25, 2010

A little background: In November 2009, Google began testing a new look for the search engine results pages (serp). The largest change in this first test was adding the “Options” to the left side of the page from it’s relatively hidden location in a link at the top labeled “Show Options…”

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Prepare for Powered by Bing Partnerships

February 22, 2010

Bing is the “rising star” in the US search engine market. Microsoft’s revamped search engine that launched in 2009 and replaced their existing Live search engine has been slowly adding market share, gaining on rival engines Google and Yahoo!. However, this will all change as Microsoft Bing continues to push forward to two key “Powered […]

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