Google Analytics Error in IE and FF but NOT Chrome

August 24, 2010

UPDATE! This appears to an account issue and not a browser issue. [wah wah wahhh… sorry conspiracy buffs] Found this thread in the GA Help, it is a bit old but allows you to manually submit your account to be fixed – Google Analytics Account Error Manual Fix It looks like Google Analytics is broken […]

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Who Says Outing Spammers is a Waste of Time

August 12, 2010

On July 21st, I posted about a pretty aggressive SEO contact/comment spammer who had recently changed their name but not their email address. Read it here: I just wanted to share with everyone the results of that post. Here is a screenshot of the traffic that has been generated from organic searches on the […]

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The Anatomy of a Bad Link Exchange Email

August 11, 2010

Link exchange emails happen, there is no way to avoid them [besides not having email]. However, the frequency that these emails now arrive is drastically less and the “people” sending them just haven’t clued in on that this method has gone the way of Google Wave [ouch, too soon?]. In recent years, SEOs have proven […]

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Search Engines – The Battle for Playground Supremacy

July 28, 2010

As children, the playground was a place of fun and adventure where the games played with the other kids on the apparatus tested you physically and mentally. The playground that is the search engine industry has seen many children come to test there skills against others. How long could they remain competitive against the others? […]

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Google Adds Site Verification History to WMT

July 26, 2010

The site ownership verification in Google Webmaster Tools can be an erksome item for some people. When managing a large number on Google Webmaster Tools accounts it seems that someone, somewhere is always removing the HTML or Meta tag verification information. Whether it is because they do not know what it does or because it […]

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Screenshots of Updated Google Analytics Standard Segmentations

July 22, 2010

Google Analytics has updated there standard segmentation drop downs. The much more user-friendly versions shows a clear separation of what types of information as well as brief descriptions. This is a big move in making Google Analytics much more friendly to novice users. Screenshots

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Dear Janice Jacobsen

July 21, 2010

Dear Janice Jacobsen, Thank you for contacting… wait a minute… your email address looks awfully familiar. Where have I seen that before… I know! It’s the same damn email address that a previous spammer, named Jim Guthrie, used on my blog just 2 months ago. Go ahead everyone, compare the two…

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Poll Confirms Government Oversight of Google is a Bad Idea

July 19, 2010

On Thursday, July 15th the NY Times published a opinion piece about the potential need for a governmental committee to oversee changes to the Google algorithm based on the idea that Google controls too much of the Internet traffic to websites. I posted my own opinion on government oversight of the Google algorithm and the […]

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Government Oversight of Google Algorithm

July 15, 2010

This morning I came across an article on about how the European anti-trust investigation currently being carried out against Google is starting to stir up some interest in the US goverment to setup a Google algorithm oversight commission or something of that ilk. Here’s the article: Take a minute to read it. It’s […]

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SEO Simply Explained

June 30, 2010

So, I find myself in this situation quite often – I am out with my wife (at a wedding, party, etc.), we meet someone new and they ask us what we do for a living. She is an Auditor so no one struggles with what she does for a living but when they get to […]

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