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The Anatomy of a Bad Link Exchange Email

Link exchange emails happen, there is no way to avoid them [besides not having email]. However, the frequency that these emails now arrive is drastically less and the “people” sending them just haven’t clued in on that this method has gone the way of Google Wave [ouch, too soon?]. In recent years, SEOs have proven that the real ticket to PageRank boosting links are unidirectional inbound links so they focus on building content, building relationships and buying [gasp! I know! Anyways…].

So, when I got the latest email looking to exchange links with me I could not pass up the opportunity to analyze it because, honesty, it was BAD.

Here is the email in it’s entirety:

Let’s break it down…

Jedi Mind Tricks
Alright, Moshin, you are probably a cool dude (or dudette) but Jedi Mind Tricks don’t actually work in real life, only in cinematography. Your email address ( and name (linktomoshin) will not subliminally influence me in anyway shape or form. I am not the link exchange partner you are looking for.
Tip for Moshin: Make it more personal and at least share the same domain in your email as the site you are building links for. Moshin.[insert last name] is a much better email address to use.

I am a Sir
Moshin, Moshin, Moshin… Salutation FAIL! Was I not clear in defining that I am a guy [see photo in right hand column, yes it appears on the contact page too]. I know, I COULD be the bearded lady at the carnival freak show so you may want to be cautious not to hurt my feelings but I am a man [the man that you wish your man could SEO like].
Tip of Moshin: Open your eyes, a little thought and research never hurts when it comes to trying to connect with someone for link building. Again, make it personal and it may work [60% of the time it works every time, which… makes no sense].

Yay! I’m Excited Too!
Wait, no I’m not and you, Moshin, are too easily excitable. I think you need to get out more. I must, however, commend you on your first attempt at adding any touch of personal to this request. Good effort tiger but it falls apart quickly into a downward spiral of poor grammar and messaging. It is difficult to think that this method ever works.
Tip for Moshin: Keep it professional personal. Try and build a relationship with me, I like to be swooned a little before I go about linking to people all willy nilly.

It’s a Threefer!
[No, not reefer, potheads…] It’s an exchange 1 get 3 in return deal, how great for me! Until I realize where you are offering me links from, off target [which may/may not matter] domains that are already littered with links to more off target sites. That is a community that I am not interested in joining, thanks but no thanks.
Tip for Moshin: Offer something of value, I could potentially be giving you an on topic link so it only makes sense to offer something of similar QUALITY (not quantity).

The End
Not too shabby in the wrap up until, and I quote:

Always Keep Smiling !!!!!!
` •.¸ (¨`•.•´¨) ~
(¨`•.•´¨) ¸.•´ -`-~

[insert shocked face]……….. [pfftt hahahahaha….]
Tip for Moshin: Get rid of that, now! Seriously, how am I supposed to take you seriously. I know I said be personal, be personal, be personal but you took it too far, pull back just a bit.

Well, there you have it the anatomy of a bad link exchange email. What else do you have for Moshin?


  1. David

    Hmm… well i must say 3 links for free is a wonderful deal… i mean what good has relevance had to do with link building…

    But the problem is that their crappy emails must be working as they are ranked #35 for “search engine optimization” but if that is all based on link directories a simple algorithm change can bring that crashing down…

    It seems some other first like are happy to have a link on their crappy link directories…

    • matthewdiehl

      @David – Those sites gave me the heebie-jeebies when I looked at them and clearly ranking for “search engine optimization” is a the ultimate sign of a good SEO company. I mean is an award winning company according to TopSEOs after all.

  2. David

    @Matthew, yep but i thought that was a sign of sheer quality and trust… oh my how the web is held up with so many crappy pages… i guess its worthwhile saving money if you have your backlink profile built on a house of cards…

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  6. cbwd

    Nice read, I also get lots of emails asking for link exchanges, but are not in personal in any way, I tend to delete the ones that I don’t find interesting and are just looking for quick links, I tend to read the ones that are personalized to me, and some times I respond with a email back.

    I also send link exchange emails out, and agree the email should be personal to that person/website

  7. Derek

    Your commentary was to the point and made me laugh!
    Thanks for the post

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