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33 Link Building Experts and Tools to Follow on Twitter and Why

Lately I have been enamored with link building. The data, strategies and impact on SEO “speak to me” as I was raised in house of scientists. So to completely inundate myself with the best link building has to offer I created a Twitter list of some of the best and brightest link builders out there. Here is a round up of the first 33 on the list and why:

Garrett French & Ben Wills of Ontolo
They are the guys behind Ontolo who have created great free link building tools, a link prospecting service and written a solid link building ebook.

Debra Mastaler who blogs at LinkSpiel
Her blog speaks volumes as to why she is on the list, check out here latest post: Are You a Link Loud Mouth?

Wiep Knol
Consistently shares valuable link building resources and creates great posts on his site like Link Building with Content: Link Baiting vs. Guest Publishing

Julie Joyce and Jay Young of Link Fish Mieda
Both like to spread the knowledge about link building on Twitter. Julie is a contributing link building expert at Search Engine Land and has written great pieces like: How To Clean Up Your Link Profile

Cristoph Cemper of Link Research Tools
Christoph has created a lot of great video content on his site that not only speaks to what his Link Research Tools do but why those processes are important to link building.

Martini Buster
An veteran of the link building battlefield that you will find over at Webmaster World sharing his insights in posts like: Link Building in Theory – A Look at Unlinked Citations

Dixon Jones of MajesticSEO Tools
If you don’t know Majestic SEO Tools you have been livin’ under a rock. They have their own set of link data with a great set of link building tools to accompany it.

Darren Shaw of Whitespark
Darren, along with the Ontolo guys, brought us the Local Citation Finder Tool which turned the phone number citation link building theory into reality.

Ross Hudgens
Ross’s writings over at his Link Building blog have been fanominal lately.. You can easily kill a lot of time and learn a lot reading through them.

Eric Ward
One of many link builders on this list that don’t need an introduction or an explanation why you should be following them. It’s Eric Ward, need I say more?
(I will – check out the link building tool he helped create over at Adgooroo)

Melanie Nathan
An extremely knowledgable link builder who is actively sharing great stuff on Twitter. You can find some great posts from her at & Search Engine People Blog.

Paddy Moogan
Paddy work at the Distilled UK offices and recently wrote a post on How to get Links and SEO Value From Your YOUTUBE Videos that if you read closely shares a brilliant method to link building.

Kelvin Newman
Just launched a great link building ebook called Clockwork Pirate that outlines tons of strategies you need to know to be successful at link building and the book is paid for with a single Tweet. So go get it.

Jim Boykin of We Build Pages
Jim brought We Build Pages to life back in ’99 and since then has been kickin’ ass in the link building world ever since.

Ken Lyons
A local (to me at least) SEO who has shared some great work over at the Wordstream blog including this Infographic Case Study that yielded not only a link from CNN but tons of traffic

Wil Reynolds
The founder of SEER Interactive, Wil is a great speaker and incredibly knowledgable when it comes to SEO. You can find his most recent insights in this Link Building Expert Interview.

Nichola Stott
The owner of theMediaFlow, Nichola blogs all over the place about SEO. You can find her latest link building insights over at Search Engine Watch in the article: How to Get Links from Journalists

Linkbuilder Team
The Twitter stream of Linkbuilder is just packed with tons of great posts from all over the web and highly focused on linking. An absolute must have in your stream.

Branko Rihtman
Known as Neyne in your stream, Branko recently put together this deck on black hat vs. white hat link building for SphinnCon Isreal.

Kieran Flanagan
Kieran, a.k.a. SearchBrat, dropped a bit of knowledge on how to beat the link builder’s block (like writer’s block but for link builders) check it out on the Ontolo blog: How to Avoid Link Builder’s Block with Chunking (and 6 Other Tools)

Tom Demers
Many of us know Tom from his work and posts at Wordstream. Tom recently put together a three part series called Quick and Dirty Link Building: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Adam Audette
Adam has been around search since ’96 and should be a familiar name to everyone in the SEO community. He recently put together a post called Quit Obsessing On Anchor Text Already that offers insights about links themselves that many people would have no clue about.

Aaron Wall and the 101 Ways to Build Links Fast – enough said.

Hugo Guzman
Hugo shares tons of great stuff on Twitter and his blog and recently wrote a great piece on reciprocal linking: Reciprocal linking is dead; long live reciprocal linking. You can also find him over at the Zeta Interactive blog.

Rand Fishkin
Co-founder of SEOmoz that brought us Open Site Explorer a link popularity and back linking analysis tool that everyone should have in their arsenal .

Eric Enge
You won’t find Eric on Twitter too much but he has written great posts at both Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch on link building. His most recent at Search Engine Watch was 6 Ways to Sculpt Your Site’s Link Equity

Don’t just take my word for it, these people are the tops when it comes to linking. Follow my link builders list and see for yourself.

Also, let me know if I have left anyone off that you find to be best of breed when it comes to link building. Just let me know in comments below. Thanks!

34th Addition
Tony Verre
Don’t know how I let this guy slip by on the first list. Tony, the Milwaukee SEO, knows his stuff when it comes to link building and recently wrote a great post on How To Perform a Competitive Link Analysis at Search News Central.


  1. Quentin Aisbett

    Thanks heaps for the list Matt. Look forward to everyone’s tweets on link building and general SEO.

  2. Chuck Taft


    Thanks for the tips… I will used tips for my success and hope you have another one like this.

    Chuck Taft

  3. Kieran Flanagan

    Thanks for the mention and such a great list !!

  4. Greg Shuey

    Thank you for this list Matt. I was already following a lot of these people on Twitter and their blogs, however, there were many that I wasn’t. I am stoked to get further insight from these smart people.

  5. Ryan @ Linkbuildr

    Thanks Matt, it’s an honor to be mentioned! We do also write a ton and hopefully it’s found useful…but we would love to extend our blog to your guest writing efforts at anytime. Drop us a line and have a brilliant week 🙂

  6. Richard Stephenson

    Brilliant! I am such a newbie in this arena of link building (and active participation / reciprocation for that matter). Thank you and I currently have 8 of the sites open as tonight’s virtual to-do list. 🙂 Kudos!

  7. Hugo

    Thanks for mention, Matt, and keep up the great work!

    • matthewdiehl

      No problem Hugo!

      You have been churning out solid posts across the spectrum of online marketing and linking is just one of the areas that everyone should be listing & reading what you have to say.

  8. Jason Acidre

    Excellent list Matthew, found a few that I haven’t checked their tweets yet and some that haven’t been sensed by my “link prospecting” radar 🙂

    (found this post through Tad’s link building resource mashup on cognitiveseo)

  9. Charlotte SEO

    Great article, that is a lot of good information in one article. Link building is hard work so finding other options to find suitable back links is good information to have.

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