LDA Tool


Well, that was fun!
I am glad everyone enjoyed my parody on the other LDA tool that recently emerged. If you were not privy to what has been happening then you may not understand the underlying intentions of this fake tool. However, it was meant primarily to be humourous and should be taken as such.

If you are using this tool for serious SEO research - STOP! NOW! At the core of this tool is a random number generator that will add no benefit what so ever to your SEO research.

This parody tool was created by: Matthew S Diehl


URL to Check:

Change Log
9-7-2010 @10am EST - Prototype Launched
9-7-2010 @10:01am EST - Corrected Fatal Crash Issue
9-7-2010 @10:02am EST - Resized Results Display
9-7-2010 @10:03am EST - Adjusted Form Display
9-7-2010 @10:04am EST - Expanded Number Generator to 23 - 76 range
9-7-2010 @10:05am EST - It's alive, and sooo awesome!