.Tel Domains to Use Keywords to get into SERPs

by Matthew Diehl on December 16, 2008

It was pointed out today that the upcoming .Tel domains will be crawled by the search engines and will rely heavily on a 1990′s throwback technique of using a Keywords field to achieve rankings in the SERPs.

You can see an example of a .tel page on the Telnic website at : http://www.telnic.com

Note the “Keywords” field at the bottom of the page that includes a list of keywords that your .tel page appears to be relevant for. This field will definately stur up some old feelings and memories of what it was like to SEO sites in the 90′s using the long since abandoned method of keyword stuffing.

The search engine algorithms have long since evolved beyond being able to just throw a series of “keywords” on a page and expect to rank. As a domain, a .tel site can utilize links to increase rankings but the lack of content is sure to hurt them.

This leads me to believe that I will see very very few .tel domains ranking well in the SERPs.

The only place that I would expect to see a .tel domain is on a local search for a very specific service or product. In that case, a business may even want to invest in additional domains like floweristindianapolis.tel to secure some more exposure to the search engines outside just yourbrand.tel.

.Tel domains are still in landrush and have yet to launch.

I may be wrong, I may be right but only the future use of .tel domains will prove me eitehr way.

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Elderly Gifts December 17, 2008 at 3:00 pm

I agree 100 percent! While keywords can be placed into the .tel page, if there is no HTML coding that can be modified, Google will most likely fail to rank the .tel page into any decent position of the SERPs. In addition, Yahoo typically reads content moreso than HTML coding and, ultimately, these sites will not rank in Yahoo either. I imagine the SERPs will come up with some creative way to incorporate .tel domains, possibly through directories? Who knows.

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