Updated Google Adwords Other Campaign Types

If you haven’t heard by now Google has recently launched a new online 3-D virtual world similar to 2nd Life called Lively. It is still in Beta because of course they have to work out all the kinks once people start going in and messing around with it. What you may not know about Lively is that it opens up a whole new world of 3-D virtual-world advertising to Google Adwords users. As if Google could not get enough money out of this world they created a completely new one to monetize.

Here is a what your Google Adwords “Other Campaign Types” will look like once you are ready to adventure into the virtual world advertisement area:

(Click for full view)Lively updated to Google Adwords


Those of you outside the loop, you may not know about another one of Google’s projects called Google Health. Again this is another great avenue for niche market Google Adwords advertisers looking to get their ads in-front of health conscious people. So here is the update for creating those ads in Adwords:

(Click for full view)Adwords Google Health Update


Now for a quick little poll if you don’t mind participating:

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