Not “Cuil” Google Analytics

With the launch of the new Cuil Search Engine yesterday one of the first thoughts I had is how the data is going to be processed by Google Analytics. Well, so far Google Analytics does not list Cuil as an “Organic” search service and only lists the site as a “Referral”.

What does that mean for finding Cuil data in Google Analytics?

You will not be able to find it in the “Search Engines” menu choice under the “Traffic Sources” main menu option. You will have to look under your “Referring Sites” or “All Traffic Sources” options.

What does that mean about the Cuil data in Google Analytics?

You will not be able to see any keyword data. Since, Analytics is not recognizing it as a search service or Cuil is not passing the data along this information will not be available. So, Google Analytics is no help in figuring out which terms you are performing well for in Cuil.

Ultimately, what did I really expect from Google Analytics when Cuil was labeled with “Google Killer” badge. Hopefully, Google and Cuil will begin to place nice with one another and we will start to see keyword data flowing into Analytics.

So far I have not been able uncover any other Analytics tools toting a “Cuil Compatible” label. If anyone knows of any – please let us know.