Google’s New Misleading Ad Campaign

I couldn’t help but notice the latest Google Analytics ad in my gmail account:

google-analytics-optimization-tool Enlarge

Whoa! Hold the Phone! Google is now making claims that Analytics is an optimization tool that can gain you traffic and optimize your website! I find this to be a very misleading ad to those who are not familiar with website analytics tools. 

Let’s set the record straight – Google Analytics CAN NOT optimize your website for you.

However, what it can do for you is track important information on how visitors found your website and how they interact with it. This information can then be used by your marketing and web team to create higher conversions and increased traffic.

Wait… It gets better! Google is now trying to play your for a sucker with this Adwords ad:

new-adwords-ad Enlarge

What is this some sort of MLM scheme? “the business of your DREAMS”? I know times are tough and every business has to do what they have to do to increase revenue but honestly is this how you want to sell yourself Google?

Google Adwords should be one of the online marketing tools you use to help build your “dream business” but it does not replace a good business plan, determination to succeed and good ole’ fashion elbow grease.

Thoughts on the ads? Do you feel they are unfairly targeting people who may not fully understand what they tools can do?

PS. These ads do not change the fact that I will continue using the products and recommend them.