Government Oversight of Google Algorithm

by Matthew Diehl on July 15, 2010

This morning I came across an article on about how the European anti-trust investigation currently being carried out against Google is starting to stir up some interest in the US goverment to setup a Google algorithm oversight commission or something of that ilk. Here’s the article: Take a minute to read it.

It’s an “opinion” piece that has absolutely no opinion in it but that is beside the point…

Here’s the Real Opinion.

Could you imagine Google having to run every change to their algorithm by a commission at the goverment? This is probably the most ridiculous idea I have every heard of. This would be devastating to the innovation that Google has been able to bring to, well, the Internet as a whole.

The Google algorithm is a private, proprietary competitive advantage that should remain such without any governmental interference. Google has created a trusted product that serves a large user base that makes them billions of dollars, isn’t the whole idea behind being a democratic, capitalistic society? Larry and Sergey achieved the American dream, to that point, they have actually achieved the American wet dream. So, butt out gov’t you have your hands in enough honey pots to keep you satisfied.

Then there is the argument that Google is unfairly promoting their products or services. I just cannot get on board with that because multiple time Google has penalized itself for not following its own webmaster guidelines. Example 1. Example 2. Google has set the rules and they play by them.

If the government gets involved with the Google algorithm it is only because they are pissed that Google has done more to stimulate the US economy that they have. Here is the list of acquisitions to prove it – .

If the government does try to come in and steamroll Google into some form of oversight I sure hope Google tells them to piss off because it is none of their god damn business. Plus, we all know how awesome the US government is at achieving a knowledgable level of expertise in other areas that make the US population sooo happy… ehem… [cough][health care][cough][oil spill][cough][immigration][cough]…

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