Google in New “Wanted” Movie Trailer

So, the most interesting thing that occurred during the latest M. Night Shyamalan movie “The Happening” was a preview for the new Angelina Jolie/Morgan Freeman movie “Wanted”. I say this because of the product placement Google has for their search service. It happens when Wesley Gibson (one of the main characters) is sitting in his cube, hating life as he knows it and decides to do a Google search on his name…

Wesley Gibson Google Search

Now we have all been there, done that – who hasn’t looked up their name to see what comes up? The problem with Wesley is he gets no results back:

No Google Results for Wesley

Ouch.. that has to hurt, just when life couldn’t get anymore pointless for poor Wesley.

Don’t worry about Wesley though, he gets recruited into some super secret assassin squad and gets to hangout with Angelina.

As for Google, they get another plug into mainstream America (as if they need it) or are the effects of the phrase “Google it” wearing off?

Here’s the “Wanted” movie trailer (Google part at beginning):