Google Diversionary Tactics Cause Micheal Gray (GrayWolf) To Call Us All Out

News coming out of Google was in abundance today. First, they re-released GrandCentral as Google Voice; Followed by, the announcement of a new Google Friend Connect API; Lastly, they let us know they are going to be tracking the living crap out of us so they can better target us for marketing purposes – wait, what?

Did you just see that…. Good News followed by Good News followed by Bad News especially for Google product users and non-users … okay so that means everyone!

Through the use of cookies Google is going to be behaviorally targeting us based on our use of any website that serves their ads. This will help them define our Internet usage to fit into a bucket like travel enthusiast, tech nut or something of that ilk. The zinger is that if you don’t want to be tracked by Google you still have to get a cookie from them – Awesome!

Yeah I am bringing awesome back – so what?

Anyways… This did not sit well with many people but it received very little coverage because of the bright and shinnies that Google dangled out their first about the “new product” and new API features to Friend Feed. However, one man was profoundly disturbed by the lack of upheaval over the behavioral targeting news and that was Micheal Gray aka GrayWolf . He went on a well founded rant on Twitter (@graywolf) as follows:

my god ppl do you not see the co release of google voice and google friend connect as a diversionary tactic from the behavioral targeting

I swear its soooo transparent release a bunch crap the blogosphere will lap up like kids eating ice cream at a birthday party

and then they wont wright about the evilness that is behavioral targeting?

my god and the tech blogosphere you fawn all over google like 16 years olds at 3-d jonas brothers movie with this google social BS

you all freakin ignore how google put you on tighter tracking leash with behavioral targeting

my god it’s madening the way you sheep fall right in line building monuments to google and sacrificing yourself on their alter

when doubleclick was tracking it pure evil … slap the google name on and ramp more tracking & its all good WTF

how can you be paying attention and not see the pattern google uses now with diversions

(waves hand) there was no brand update … (crap didnt work) … what we had was data push named vince (that sounds non threatening right)?

(waves hand) We aren’t tracking your every move & invading your privacy (crap didnt work) we’re improving our ad targeting (non threatening)

… sergy fire the flares to distract them … go google voice, and friend connect launched larry

if you aren’t looking in social spamming right now and manufacturing signals of quality to feed google then you are pretty much an idiot

registering your friends with google is good? cant you all see it’s digital macrthy-ism waiting for a witch hunt?

so I have to put google software in my browser so they dont track me? seems like volunteering for a rectal temperature check

we dont like cookies & think you should delete them but gee google we love you more than joe jonas poster at a slumber party

what freekin political double talk is that EFF you disgust me today

i wish somebody in washinton had the balls to stand up to google … oh thats right google put $$$ behind the current administration

does anyone wake up and “say gee i wish google knew MORE about me” … then why do we fawn over them spying on us?

google pulls the search API the people want but gives us the one that sends them data … mind boggling

the friend connect thing is stupid why do I want everyone to know where I go on the net

I think it will be fun when porn sites find a way to visually hide the friend connect and then blackmail people with the info

< -- -- doesn't believe in coincidences at all

I don’t think anyone can disagree that Google has pulled a classic move of blinding us first so we miss what is ACTUALLY happening.

What is your opinion of what has transpired throughout today in regards to the news out of the Google camp?