Awesome SERP Enhancement for Author’s Google Profiles

We all have been seeing the smiling faces of our friends in the SERPs for some time when they +1 things and previously when they would tweet things. You know those tiny, tiny smiling faces below the search listing… can barely make that guy out, thank God there name is right there!

Anyways, I am seeing something new with larger smiling faces coming back at me and wanted to see if anyone else was getting this?

Here are the searches and what I am seeing:

The images and names inside red boxes (added by me) are links to Amy-Mae’s and Danny’s Google Plus Profiles. Very interesting…

Anyone Else Getting These?

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter if you are seeing this too.


Google has put together a great Authorship help page for webmasters and bloggers so could potentially start to see your face showing up in the SERPs as the author of your posts. This is not exclusive to just your individual blog but can be enabled on multi-author sites that either host their own author pages or not. This is good stuff! (technical jargon I know..)


  1. Jason

    We’ll be seeing a lot of that before the year ends (definitely a good addtion to improving CTRs on SERPs). I’ve also started to use authorship markups (rel=”author”) on my blog, since Google may focus on this area of ranking pages on their results (basing results from the author’s authority or AuthorRank).

  2. Gargoyle Consulting

    Hadn’t noticed this – thanks for the heads up!

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