More on (Moron) SEOs Spamming SEOs

by Matthew Diehl on June 14, 2010

I have been waiting to be in the right mood to write this post and I have achieved it through musical inspiration via the Rammstein Channel!

If you haven’t already read my “open letter” post to a fictitious SEO spammer named Jim Guthrie operating as an agent for National Positions, please do so then you can begin to grasp my angst toward the bottom feeders that have spawned ad nauseum in our industry.

Lets add another one to that list right now…

This one goes out to a guy named Jim Phillips who runs Second Effort and claims to be Southwest Florida’s #1 SEO Specialist & Internet Marketing Source. Holy shit… #1 in SW Florida, this guy must be good!

Anyways, here the “gift” that Jim so graciously left as a comment on my site:

Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant! How come I didn’t think of this… a link to your site from a blog comment on a page about SEO with the link text being “seo search engine optimization”. Google is going to love this! – is what I would have said to Jim except that this is the year 2010 and shitty comment links like the one you just submitted to my blog don’t do shit unless your goal was to piss me off (in the latter case you succeeded).

Are you seriously the liason for our industry in Southwest Florida? I am worried for that region if that is the case and the fact that the best work that you can do is spam the comments on my blog in a miserable attempt to scrape together any form of link to your site. I almost wanted to take pity on you (and not write this post) because the attempt was so obviously going to be a failure. How in the hell did you ever think I was going to let that comment go live? You’re delusional at best if that is what you thought.

Oh, and Jim, buddy, your machismo is hanging out…

(photo courtesy of Second Effort website)

In closing, Southwest Florida and potential customers that “come from as far away as downtown New York City, to Pennsylvania, to California, to South Dakota, and more” (quote from Second Effort website) be very careful whenever your hear from Jim Phillips at Second Effort. He clearly is not head of the class when it comes to simple SEO concepts.

P.S. downtown New York City is Manhattan for anyone who couldn’t decipher that

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