Dear Jim Guthrie

by Matthew Diehl on May 4, 2010

Dear Jim Guthrie,

Thank you for your contact form spam but, honestly, are you some kind of complete idiot?

This is a blog about search engine marketing and mostly SEO. So, if I really wanted it to rank I would have look no further than myself for help with the website.

It is time to reconsider you client acquisition strategy when you are trying to persuade other SEOs to give you work. This must be the most idiotic email I have ever received. See below:

Also, way to send me a personalized message really proving that you are a hard working SEO when I can find your exact same massage as comment spam on other websites.

You are exactly the type of “SEO professional” that gives our industry a tarnished reputation. Do everyone a favor and just stop! Don’t just stop the emails, stop attempting to be something you are clearly not.

That is all.

Matthew Diehl

P.S. Get a fucking clue.

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