Dear Janice Jacobsen

by Matthew Diehl on July 21, 2010

Dear Janice Jacobsen,

Thank you for contacting… wait a minute… your email address looks awfully familiar. Where have I seen that before…

I know! It’s the same damn email address that a previous spammer, named Jim Guthrie, used on my blog just 2 months ago. Go ahead everyone, compare the two…

Janice Jacobsen SEO Email

Wow! Jim, or is it Janice now?, either way you are still a dirty spammer that continues to try and peddle your “SEO services” through comment and form spamming. Oh yes, I (again) checked to see if I could find out more about you and again you left a comment and contact trail all across the Internet.


More Janice Jacobsen Spam

Your continued efforts are lack luster, at best. As you continue to spam legitimate SEO sites (which is just stupid) your shady business practices will continue to become more apparent to a wider audience.

My previous post to you, Jim or Janice, has already helped to inform one small business owner of your sticky web of deceit and hopefully this post will continue to raise awareness.

Your continued usage of comment and contact form spam is just as confusing as your gender!

Give it a rest already, stop dragging our industry through the mud and drawing negative sentiment from business owners that would benefit from SEO but are now left with a poor perception of a legitimate marketing tactic. You continue to push buttons and by doing so continue to draw unwanted attention to the parent organization that you are linked with [full details here].

Just cut the bullshit.


Matthew Diehl

P.S. I await (on pins and needles) your gender decision, pre-op and post-op photos would be great too!

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