Matt Cutts is an asshole?!

Don’t shoot the messenger on this one but not everyone holds, Google’s Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts in high regard.

Hold on because this is going to get very funny.

While perusing my Google Analytics account for my blog, I decided to see what kinds of keyphrases were traffic drivers in Bing. Low and behold I come across a strange keyphrase – “matt cutts is an asshole”.

I couldn’t believe it! I hold Matt is high regard as an advocate for SEO done correctly and would never directly call him an asshole. So, like any good SEO who sees something strange I went over to Bing to see if I could recreate the search and…

Matt Cutts is an asshole search in Bing

Apparently, Bing managed to stitch together my usage of “Matt Cutts” on the first paragraph of a post about exact match domains with my usage of “an asshole” (refer to that Borker guy) in the second to last paragraph to make it the authority on Matt Cutts being an asshole. That relevancy fail is funny in itself but what I found truly hilarious is who did the search…

matt cutts is an asshole in analytics

Yes, you are reading that correctly. It says that the search term “matt cutts is an asshole” was used by someone in Redmond, WA on the Microsoft Corp. ISP! [LOL]

Well, now we know how Microsoft really feels about Matt Cutts.

I am really going to miss things like this when “do not track” becomes standard practice.

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