Bypassing the Google Analytics Overview Pages

The latest updates to Google Analytics brought about some great new tools including the Advanced Segments and Custom Reporting features. These both have proven to quite useful to me so far.

However there was one change that at first I thought was a good idea but now find it to be a waste of time and useless. What I am talking about are the new “Overview” pages both the all accounts and individual account overview pages.

The All Accounts Overview page has now added two additional clicks for me to get to my client’s website reports. On top of that the page is slow to load. Also, changing the list size or flipping between pages requires even more load time and doesn’t always work properly. What a mess!

Luckily, the Individual Account Overview page is quicker to load. But not always, depending on the number of profiles in an individual account which can add even more time wasted.

Here is the trick to get past those pages and save yourself a little time.

Previously I was using this as my go to link: but that has now been changed to the All Accounts Overview page.

So update your bookmarks to go to this url when going into Google Analytics:

And that is how you avoid the slow and annoying “Overview” pages that are now part of Google Analytics.